The Shepherd – Lamb to the Slaughter (Chapters 8 & 9)

1st April 2011

Chapter 8 ‘Paul. Sit down. Please.’ ‘What happened Alec? What the hell happened?’ Paul Foster stopped his angry pacing and turned to face the other man standing there in the office. ‘I don’t know. I wish I did, Paul. Here,’ Alec Freeman handed a glass to the young man who perched himself reluctantly on the corner seat, ‘you need this.’ Foster looked up, eyes drawn and bewildered. ‘Not Ed. It…


The Shepherd – Lamb to the Slaughter (Chapters 6 & 7)

21st March 2011

Chapter 6 The unfamiliar noise outside was enough to waken him, and for one moment, as he crossed the barrier between sleep and wakefulness he had a tantalizing snatch of memory, too vague, too transitory to do more than make him gasp with unrecalled and unremembered fear. It was hard to breathe with the tightness, the panic that crushed his heart within him. Struggling for air he froze, terrified, unable…


The Shepherd – Lamb to the Slaughter (Chapters 4 & 5)

14th March 2011

  Chapter 4 Bloody hell. What time was it? She reached out for the phone. Did no one understand the meaning of ‘off duty’? Her mobile buzzed again, insisting on an answer. The project worker would continue to pester her with voicemail messages, texts, and calls until she answered. ‘Yes’ she grunted, surrendering to the demands of the small despot now gripped in her hand. Damn the person who invented…


The Shepherd – Lamb to the Slaughter (Chapters 2 & 3)

7th March 2011

Tags: violence, disemboweling, death   Chapter 2 The underground car park was deserted. Only Straker’s car and one other parked in random places between the concrete pillars. Dim lights flickered behind wire brackets, glinting on random puddles of water that had dripped from rainsoaked vehicles. Other liquids also marked the oil-streaked and begrimed surface of the roadway. Darker, more ominous puddles, reflecting the gloomy light in their thickening crimson patterns….


The Shepherd – Lamb to the Slaughter Prologue and Chapter 1

1st March 2011

Prologue & Chapter 1 Thursday 06.36 The dim light in the alleyway pooled down onto the huddled figure. Late at night, in this less salubrious area of London, there were few late-night revellers. Not even an insomniac dog-walker. But the man had been spotted nonetheless. It was dealt with in the usual efficient manner. Photographs, forensic evidence, SOCO’s. Processed, collated, labelled. Then the body removed to the central morgue for…