Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons: Crisis Final Part

Doctor Fawn looked for the umpteenth time at his patient. He was relieved to see that the enormous stress seemed to have eased. The heart rate seemed to have slowed too. When the President had been brought in, it had been pounding fit to burst. He was just about to turn away when patient stirred slightly. That was a good sign. Fawn now knew that the President was in with…

1st April 2012

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons: Crisis 7

1st February 2012

Scarlet opened his eyes, the feelings of nausea gone, and looked up. The Mysteronised Scarlet stood frozen for a moment, a shocked expression on his face, before falling lifelessly to the floor, his gun skittering away across the floor. Captain Ochre, smiling broadly, lowered the anti-Mysteron gun. “Lucky I brought this gadget.” he said helping the still shaky Scarlet to his feet. “I’ll say.”replied Scarlet with a smile, “but how…


Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons: Crisis 5

1st October 2011

Nurse Daniels busied about her tasks, a bemused Captain Scarlet watching her. Since he had little idea about what she was doing, he agreed with any suggestions she made. Scarlet picked up the consultant’s notes and read through them. A lot of the notes went straight over his head. “I need Doctor Fawn to make sense of this lot,” he thought to himself. One thing that was clear, though, was…


Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons: Crisis 4

1st September 2011

The Spectrum Helicopter settled gently beside the wreckage pin-pointed by Rhapsody Angel. Captain Ochre winced when he saw the gaping hole punched out by the explosion. Captain Grey had already seen it and pulled down his cap microphone. “Captain Grey to Cloudbase,” he began. “We have located Spectrum Helicopter. It looks as if they were forced down by engine failure. No signs of life, so far. Will call again when…


Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons: Crisis 3

1st August 2011

Captain Scarlet walked slowly down the corridor, alert for any clue. Like everyone else on Cloudbase, he was combing every inch, looking for the slightest thing out of place. Doctor Fawn’s Laboratory – nothing. No matter where he looked, he’d come up with the same. Johanssen just had to be around somewhere.He was just about to turn the corner into corridor twelve when his epaulettes flashed blue and his cap…


Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons: Crisis (Part 2)

1st July 2011

Chapter 2 The Swiss chalet was large and comfortable, obviously a family home. A series of framed photographs stood on the Grand piano, showing the various members of the family. Starting with a wedding group the collection had grown to encompass the new members as they had been born and later, started school. There was even one, taken only a few weeks ago, showing the whole group skiing in the…


Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons: Crisis

1st June 2011

By: Colin M. Taylor (author) Forty thousand feet above the earth’s surface, Cloudbase, Headquarters of the Spectrum Organisation, navigation beacons glowing brightly, hovered effortlessly in the blue-black sky. The full moon shone down onto the the vast expanse of the flight deck and the trio of Angel aircraft clamped to it. The beauty of the night was lost on the figure gazing pensively through a porthole into the darkness outside….