Next Issue of the Herald

The next issue of the Herald is already in production, unlike the much-delayed film! It will focus on one particular episode of the series and includes an unseen story by a new author. There will be  more helpful advice from Dr Jackson and Colonel Lake will be continuing her attempt to ensnare the man of her dreams. However Commander Straker is still searching for  a suitable member of SHADO staff to complete the…


How to subscribe to the Herald

If you would like to comment on posts in the Herald, or read the ‘adult’ stories, you are required  to subscribe. This is free and simply requires you to provide your wanted email address and, in the case of the adult stories, confirmation that you are an adult, to herald(at)lightcudder(dot)com This applies to previous subscribers as well. Please feel free to provide a ‘pseudonym’ to be used for your comments if you wish. Your account…

Blazes small

The Needs of the Many

This is an AU Crossover story (UFO/Star Trek Pre ‘Kirk’ era). Chapter 1 Ochio Straehk reached the end of the path and turned to look back. This season’s crop promised to excel even his expectations, the fields full, the plants weighty with enough seed to keep the colony provided for next year and beyond. He had done his last walk-through just an hour before, trailing fingers though the heavy-headed ears…

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Glitch in the Machine – An (chapter 6)

Chapter 6 Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyways. “Colonel Freeman,” Ford’s tinny voice blared from the intercom in Straker’s office. “Could you please come to the control room, sir?” Alec looked up, puzzled. It was, as Straker usually called it, the graveyard shift, and up to now it had been dead quiet indeed. He rose much more fluently than a man his size and mass usually…

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Back Online!

  Welcome back to the re-vamped, re-designed Ed Straker Herald. After a hiatus caused by a combination of events, your editors are delighted to be once more able to share our love of UFO, and indeed all of Gerry Anderson’s productions, with his many fans. Prior to going off-line in early 2012, the editors of the Herald were busy preparing a new issue, complete with personal tributes to Gerry Anderson and two short…


You Can Always Count on Me Pt 3: Lost Without You

“Captain, a personal call for you, channel two.” “Thanks.” Lew Waterman put his reports aside. The cabin door shut and he switched the phone button. “Waterman.” “Hey Lew, how are you, old man?” The voice of Colonel Collins sounded far away, disturbed by noise interferences. “It’s more difficult to get in touch with you than a pay raise from Commander Straker.” “Uh, Craig, I’m not that old, only five months…


The Bar

The bar door opens. Tall slender blond walks in, takes a seat at the bar and orders a beer. Older man, dark haired and eyed, looks at him curiously. “Beer?” Slight smile as he takes a drink. “Old friends.” Knowing look. “Ah. So it seems.” Takes a drink of his own beer. Silence for a moment as the rest of the people think and then take drinks of various sorts….


The Meeting: Thunderbirds

With heavy heart, Jeff Tracy called his family together for an important meeting. For so long, he had stood in the shadow of a Creator who inspired others to take up the light. Now he had to let his boys know that what might be the ultimate loss had been suffered. Still, there were other bright lights out there. Perhaps this was only change, not ending. The Tracy boys entered…