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Ed Straker Reads Your Stars

The September Horoscope As I am presently engaged on other duties, Colonel  Freeman has been given the responsibility of constructing this month’s Star Signs. I am aware that earlier efforts by Colonel Freeman resulted in some aberrant readings, but the Colonel has received his instructions and I am assured that, while I am seeking out a possible security risk to SHADO, he will make every effort to provide accurate readings….

The Responsibility Seat 10

September Issue: The Responsibility Seat

Welcome  to the September issue of the Herald. The ‘focus’ of this issue is the episode: ‘The Responsibility Seat’  with an in-depth article that takes a closer look at the real story behind that kiss, a short story about Alec Freeman in the Hot Seat, and a look at what Paul Foster was doing in the Moonmobile. We also have a contribution by Clayton Barr, creator of Pop Apostle- a website that is certainly worth…


The Virginia Monologues: 7

Her: I overheard him talking to Freeman. About poetry. Wanting a word to rhyme with Lake. He looked over at me as he said it as well. I love a man who writes poetry. A man with blue eyes who writes poetry. And especially a man with blonde hair and blue eyes who writes poetry. Wonder what he used to rhyme with Lake? Take…? Forsake…? Ache…? Partake….? Can’t wait to…

Shepherd Grafted 123 small

The Hot Seat

  The Hot Seat By Kevin Goodman He ran his hands over the emerging stubble on his face. He’d been sitting at this damn desk, for how long now? Ed made it seem so easy, so natural. Alec Freeman glanced down at the ever-expanding pile of reports, requests and other minute details that the running of SHADO required. He looked over at the drinks dispenser, wondering if it was time,…


The Needs of the Many: Chapter 2

Chapter 2 The Academy The voices were not a distraction, neither were the figures coming closer to lean over his shoulder and inspect his work. He ignored them all, his eyes focussed on the screen as equations appeared in rapid succession. There was no sigh of satisfaction as the final question flashed up; his fingers typed the answer without a moment’s hesitation, the screen closed and he leaned back, wondering…