Collateral Damage

June 2015 The letter wasn’t thick. It was addressed by printer, the type neat and spare. The words were frustrating. “Alec.” Alec Freeman looked up from the report he’d been checking to see Ed Straker’s face set in grim lines. He wondered what it was this time as he took the letter and skimmed it. “I’ll take care of it,” he offered, his tone polite and non-judgmental. The letter wasn’t…

20th August 2017

The Shepherd – Lamb to the Slaughter (Chapters 2 & 3)

7th March 2011

Tags: violence, disemboweling, death   Chapter 2 The underground car park was deserted. Only Straker’s car and one other parked in random places between the concrete pillars. Dim lights flickered behind wire brackets, glinting on random puddles of water that had dripped from rainsoaked vehicles. Other liquids also marked the oil-streaked and begrimed surface of the roadway. Darker, more ominous puddles, reflecting the gloomy light in their thickening crimson patterns….