The Shepherd – Drafted (3, 4 & 5)

1st December 2011

Chapter 3 Straker lay still once Shroeder had finished his tests, too weary to do anything other than observe through half-closed eyes as the doctor moved around the small room, talking in a quiet voice to the nurse. He was aware of the weight of blankets on his body, a somewhat familiar sensation and he roused himself to look for Rebecca, wondering where she was, why she had not spoken…


Calan Gaeaf

1st February 2011

  “Trajectory termination?” “South Pacific, Commander, grid reference O-Blue-12-08, sir!” Keith Ford turned to his commanding officer, eyeing him warily. Ever since that girl had died under such atrocious circumstances the commander had not been his usual acerbic, but at least calm and fair self. Instead he had been irascible on top of caustic, and he had taken it out more than once on his staff. While Ford could well…