The Boat

2nd June 2012

One last bit to stick on. Make sure there’s not too much glue. Don’t use so much the fumes get to you. Like a guy would do that. John Rutland looked at the model his Dad brought him the last time he visited. It was a good boat and John was very proud to be able to put it together all by himself. Now, it had to dry before he…


Lost Souls

1st May 2012

Miss Baxter put the phone down in blank and distressed silence before she walked through to the living room and looked at the pile of exercise books on her desk. The television was blaring in the background, some reality programme about ice skaters and low-level celebrities. She never really bothered with early evening telly, preferring the grittier US dramas even though they were far-fetched. She sat down and clasped her…