The Visit

1st June 2015

The small sign had a greenish patina, fading into the background as if trying to go unnoticed. A typical English eccentricity in this typical English village and I would have missed it on any other occasion, but I had researched my destination. The lane was only wide enough for one vehicle – with the occasional passing place – but there was no other traffic and the car park at the…


Random Thoughts of Respect

1st June 2011

Respect. It’s a short word. Two syllables. A noun. The dictionary defines it as: 1. an attitude of deference, admiration or esteem. 2. The state of being honoured or esteemed. In this month’s editorial I wish to pay my personal respect to those actors, who over the years, were involved in Gerry Anderson’s productions, in particular UFO. As the years pass by, those of us who remain dedicated still honour…


On Safeguards, Respect and Contributions

1st March 2011

Safeguards The publication of the second issue of The Ed Straker Herald is further evidence of the groundswell of support that is spreading through the UFO community. However, it brings with it some concerns. As the publisher of this broadsheet, I have a moral obligation to our readers to ensure that  our publication  has safeguards built into it. The good news is that this issue  now provides two discrete sections….