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On Marriage, the Military Mind and Straker

I get sick of romance stories, and the what seems to me fairly desperate attempts to marry Straker off again and again does pall. I used to read some of those stories – now I don’t. The more he is tied up in romance, the less like the real Straker he seems IMO… …Glad I’m not alone in the please-don’t marry-Straker-off-again club. After I read a few of them I…

Bristol Convention

First Assignment

SHADO control was quieter than normal, due to the fact that alien activity had noticeably decreased during the past couple of weeks, but  an air of unease permeated the vast  complex. Lieutenant Commander Leo nodded a slightly distracted welcome to Miss Ealand and then entered Straker’s office. She had absolutely no intention of sitting down in the Commander’s chair. Oh no. The mere thought made her scared, particularly on a…