Exposed: Drabbles

1st June 2015

1. Paul Foster climbed into the jet. Jim, his co-pilot, started the check procedure. “Take off in two minutes.” “Roger”, Foster murmured. He had an uncomfortable feeling while the test plane rolled into her start position. “What’s the matter, Paul?” Jim asked while they waited for the take-off clearance from the tower. “Don’t know, but … last night I had the nightmare of the UFO again.” “Oh that”, his comrade…



17th August 2012

She started paddling for speed long before the peak was much more than a roller. She had to be travelling- laying on her board, faster than the wave in order to catch it. Some surfers could drop in late, when the wave was already curling over, the bottom dropping out, and slide into the tube or shoot out way in front of the crushing lip of the tube. Then lean…


Another Alien Attack

1st July 2011

The aliens took the  man out of his wheelchair and dragged him from his modest home. Back through the lawns and into the wooded grassy park nearby where they had landed. Since his maid wouldn’t be in until the morning time, the abduction was successful. The poor crippled old man moaned and slobbered at the mouth, crying in vain against the cold hearted Frankensteins, who were dressed in red and…



1st April 2011

Chapter 1 ‘You have resisted us for the last time. The penalty is death.’ Alone, in a mirrored room, with odd angles of support on the reflecting wall surfaces, Greg listened to the commands in his head, blasted from a green pod from above, clean, machined, chrome cut, razor sharp commands, inside his butchered brain. He stood there. Waiting, he knew this all too well, many times he had been…