Collateral Damage

June 2015 The letter wasn’t thick. It was addressed by printer, the type neat and spare. The words were frustrating. “Alec.” Alec Freeman looked up from the report he’d been checking to see Ed Straker’s face set in grim lines. He wondered what it was this time as he took the letter and skimmed it. “I’ll take care of it,” he offered, his tone polite and non-judgmental. The letter wasn’t…

20th August 2017

First Impressions

1st September 2015

A serious look at ‘The Responsibility Seat’ In the Carlton boxed set of UFO dvds, The Responsibility Seat is listed as the tenth episode, and indeed it was the tenth episode to be filmed, with production starting on August 21st 1969. However, the ‘film order’ of UFO was never clearly established and the Century 21 UFO synopsis for ITC has The Responsibility Seat in seventeenth place in the list –…


Ed Straker: The Man and his Inadequacies (Part 1)

1st June 2011

Ed Straker is so often depicted by fans and in fanfic as a ‘superstudly’ and heroic man of action. Hard–ass and unfriendly, calculating and cold, sexy and virile, wealthy and calculating, as well as being a loving and devoted husband and father. A whole raft of different Strakers. But.. what is the truth? Is Ed Straker really like that? Bedding every woman he meets who takes his fancy? Rude and…