UFO film – the future is ‘not’ looking fantastic

The long-awaited UFO film – initially lauded as the first in a trilogy of ‘tent-pole’ movies, looks to be dead and buried. The domain name expired on July 30th as so far has not been renewed. Not an auspicious sign.
I may be wrong – I hope I am – but after so many years waiting for something, anything, to happen it looks as if UFO fans, yet again, are the forgotten ones.

Screenshot taken: 16.08.2015

UFO the movie

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  1. I am wondering if more news might be sought from those connected to Fanderson. and related convention goers. A friend of a friend and b5 fan I met while having my first ever experience on a real film set as a volunteer. Seemed to think that might be a place to find out. Not sure where this will lead but it might be worth a try.

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