Seduced (The Vampire Series 1)

Seduced smallI wish I could say I didn’t know how it happened; that I was overpowered, raped, forced into what I’ve become. But the truth is, I was seduced by what I thought I wanted from a man I’d barely met and certainly did not know until I was no longer who and what I had been. I wish I could say I’m sorry it happened, that I regret what I’ve done. I’m not. I am stronger than ever, not just mentally better than most around me, but physically far more capable.

Oh, there are drawbacks. No more sunbathing in the tropics on my infrequent vacations. No more walks in the park with the sun warming my face. I will miss that, I suppose. Lucky I’d given up on religion when I was in college. Wouldn’t do to accidentally touch a Christian holy symbol and have issues, would it? No one believes in what I am now. Just me and Him. He says there are no others, and I can hear his truth. What he doesn’t say is that they are destroyed by his hand. There is something in being the eldest of a line that gives him more power than even I have.

But it won’t be long now before there are others. Soon his touch will not be the only one I feel. Gods, I shiver at the thought of his hands on my breasts, on my skin, of him inside me; of his mouth on mine. I am almost out of control in my desire to feel his teeth in my flesh, sucking the life out of me. Damn. Never has any man been so much in my thoughts. Not even Craig. I wanted to marry Craig, to build a life together, to have children with him. I wanted that so much that I was nearly destroyed when he vanished. My work became everything then.

Foster, such an inconsiderate boy toy. Not bad if you want brash and stamina. But not someone to live with; although he seemed to think he was. I suppose I shouldn’t have laughed in his face. He’ll never forgive me and I’ll have to kill him now. Alec on the other hand … now there’s a chance I think I might have missed. Oh, not great on looks with that pock-marked face of his. I wonder if I’ll bother to find out if it was chicken pox or acne that troubled him. Or small pox. He might be a survivor of that.

Yes, Alec will be the first. It’s a pity the engineers got away from me. Ah well, they’re a dry lot most of the time. Not very entertaining. No fear in them until the last minute from what He says. Nothing to savor. No passion, no terror, just broken logic and mathematics.

Odd that he thought I was worth seducing, worth making his and keeping. I wonder what I did that first night, when dinner was over and we walked back to my rooms. His hands were cool, yet ignited such a fire in me. I can’t believe I let him take me there in the park against an ancient stone wall; shoving my shirt up to handle my breasts, pinching at my nipples until it hurt yet aroused me so much further than just suckling at them ever had. His mouth was everywhere, his tongue driving me distracted until he practically ripped my trousers off me and filled me … oh, so filled me. Just his penetration set me off the first time and then … oh yes, and then …
I’ve heard kids talk about how someone rocked their world. Eight. I surrendered eight times before he joined me in the ninth and I died. I have never had such satisfaction. Never before. Not Craig. Not Michel Boudreau who was the most practiced and thorough of lovers. No one. Nothing has ever matched Him. Three nights of miraculous sexual gratification before he finalized our bargain and I realized what I had done.

Shameless? Damn right. It is a little jarring to know what he is now, but there is no going back and he has a bone to pick with the opposition. So, I will go to England. I will make my family, my lovers, my brood and I will take the war to the aliens.

I feel him coming now. He brings dinner and his thoughts are filled with my body responding to his. Already my muscles tense in response to his thoughts. I need what he gives me. I am his to use as he wishes … until I get what I want.

To be continued in Watched.

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