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Romance by Numbers smallLightcudder is currently on leave of absence from the Herald, (we at the Herald hope you soon recover from your research into  certain activities on a beach) and so the editor has asked me to write a brief article on Fanfic Romance writing.

As a well-renowned author of a considerable number of best selling  romance stories I was only too pleased to get this opportunity to share with  my devoted fans some of the hints and techniques that have sustained me in my writing over the years. Fanfic romance is no different to real romance. They are all fictional characters, able to experience passion and love. (although I do have my doubts about puppets, but who am  I to argue!)

So. Go ahead and  enjoy writing romance. We need more love in this world! Much more love!

Here then, for all those hundreds of fans who have asked me to share the secret of my outstanding success,  is my secret tip.

Steps – it’s as simple as that.

Take kisses for example.

There are several  steps to a good kiss. If you know what you are doing, you can write one kiss, and simply repeat that in every story, (with the necessary changes of name and situation of course!)

  1. Look into each other’s eyes.
  2. Smile
  3. Lean closer
  4. Tilt your head
  5. Relax your lips
  6. Part your lips
  7. Kiss.

Seven steps. (there are more , but these are the most important ones)

I have a bank of phrases that I keep for use when writing kiss scenes, all neatly numbered from one to seven. And when I need to write a scene I simply pick a suitable phrase and use it. It’s a  tried and tested method and one used by many authors.

If you want to be a successful romance writer, then you should be developing your own database. I certainly wouldn’t have been such a flourishing author without my little stock of useful phrases for all situations!

Here are some examples of my favourite ones:

  • His gaze fell to her sultry eyes
  • She realised he was watching her with a  dark smouldering smile
  • She leaned against him, tempting him with her luscious ripeness
  • She tilted her head, to reveal an expanse of creamy neck
  • Licking her lips with the tip of her tongue, she tantalised him into action
  • Parting  his lips he crushed her mouth  to his
  • Their lips met in a timeless embrace

The same technique can be applied to any aspect of a romance story. From that first kiss to the final climax. Partition it into steps and search your database. It saves a lot of metal effort  and you can rattle off a good 50,000 words in no time at all!

And to save even more time you can often adapt these phrases to suit virtually any action in your romance story.

Here are some  examples:

  • His gaze/hand/fingers/lips fell to her heaving/panting/smooth/full bosom/thighs/throat
  • She realised he was watching her with a dark/wide/voluptuous/ smouldering/eager smile of anticipation/desire/regret/lust/exhaustion
  • She leaned/pressed herself against his body/chest/, tempting him into action with her luscious ripeness/fullness/readiness.

There  you are. And yes, you have my permission to use these phrases in your next romance story. I hope that you will find them helpful.

Until next time,

Raif L. Pool


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