Back in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle smallIt is with relief that I can inform our readers that the recent action by our enemy forces met with only limited success. After extensive re-configuration of our adiestator systems and off-world tamardilitors we were able to fletarate the programme and regain control. We regret any distress caused to our readers and assure you that all steps are being taken to ensure that this unfortunate incident does not occur again.

However, on a personal note, while the systems were being refligated and my presence was not required, I was able to visit a few friends and discuss some recent events. They allowed me to record the conversations and as many of you will be interested in the procedural aspects of SHADO, I will be posting those on the Herald so that you can see some of the work that goes on behind the scenes. Dragon, AnDelenDir and Lightcudder (names have been changed to protect identities) all provided me with valuable input into SHADO operation and I am, as always, extremely grateful for their time and effort.

This issue of the Herald continues the tradition of providing you with some of the very best literature that is currently available to read.. Spyder’s ‘Clouds and Shadows’ comes to a dramatic conclusion and our other serials continue with Shot in the Dark’s next chapter and further developments in John Shepherd’s continuing adventure. Captain Scarlet’s ‘Crisis’ by Colin M. Taylor takes Spectrum into deeper trouble and our other serials, What the Blazes, Perspectives and Sign of Aquarius, are all awaiting final approval from General Henderson’s authorisation committee before the next parts can be released.

Please be patient. As you are well aware, the I.A.C. has considerable power in these matters and we are doing our utmost to get the next chapters out to you.

On a lighter note, Colonel Freeman agreed to undertake the task of reading this month’s astrological data and has produced his report on what lies ahead for our readers in the coming days.

Dr Jackson has read and replied in person to the many problems that Herald readers have sent to him as well as selecting a few to share with you in this issue. However, he wishes me to notify you that in the next issue of the Herald, he will be handing his Problem Page over to another SHADO member while he is on annual leave. At the current time we are asking for volunteers among the control room staff. If YOU have a preference as to whom we should select, please notify us.

In the Columns section you will see reports on two separate incidents. The first one was titled ‘Identified’ and the second ‘Sub-Smash’. These reports will be updated each week.

A whole group of eminently noteworthy journalists and authors has researched my life prior to SHADO and shares this, I concede, extremely indepth biography with you. I was somewhat disquieted by several of the top secret facts having been revealed, but was assured that if USAF itself is willing to publish them I ought to accept that.
We trust that the recent disruption in the Herald will not occur again and we thank our readers for their patience and understanding while this situation was rectified.

Ed Straker

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