Ed Straker Reads Your Stars

Commander Ed Straker to Colonel Virginia Lake:


I have noted, with some displeasure, your lack of participation in the SHADO monthly newsletter. I consider this publication to be a vital element in our work, providing much needed information to members of staff. As I am involved in several aspects of the December issue I have assigned the Star Sign page to you for this month.
It is a relatively simple task, although time-consuming , and should be well within your capabilities. All that is required is to allocate the appropriate sign for each astrological heading below. Contact me if you have any difficulties.


Colonel Virginia Lake is pleased to provide her DECEMBER STAR SIGNS
Capricorn: 22nd Dec – 19thJan

Mind the Gap.


Aquarius: 20th Jan – 18th Feb

Warning. Deep Water.


Pisces: 19th Feb -19th March

No Fishing without a licence


Aries: 20th March – 19th April

No Smoking


Taurus: 20th April – 20th May

Beware of the Bull


Gemini: 21st May – 20th June

Parking for permit holders only


Cancer: 21st June – 22nd July

Speed Limit 70 mph


Leo: 23rd July – 22nd Aug

Do Not Feed the Animals


Virgo: 23rd Aug – 22nd Sept

Push to open


Libra: 23rd Sept – 22nd Oct

Closing Down Sale. All items reduced by 50%


Scorpio: 23rd Oct – 21st Nov

Keep Off the Grass


Sagittarius: 22nd Nov – 21st Dec

Follow the Instructions on the packet.

Colonel Virginia Lake to Commander E. Straker.

No problems Ed. Done. Took me less than five minutes. As you obviously find it a difficult task I’ll do it next month as well.


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