The Virginia Monologues #5

17th August 2012

Her: Finally. Signed and sealed. The deed is done. There is no turning back now. After so much heartache, so many broken promises, so many rejections, tonight I will finally get my heart’s desire. Tonight. I have given up everything for this. Oh, the sacrifices. My post in Westbrook Electronics, my research, my lovely lovely home. But it will be worth it. Tonight I will achieve my heart’s desire, and,…


The Virginia Monologues #4

11th June 2012

Her: How do I tell him? Surely he must have noticed by now. I mean, it is glaringly obvious, and I am sure even someone like Ford must have seen. It stands out a mile and…. yet I cannot bring myself to tell him. He will be devastated, I am sure. It will be such a blow to his esteem, such a deep wound, something that I am sure he…


The Virginia Monologues #3

1st May 2012

Her: It was horrible. I mean, really horrible. I can’t remember ever being as scared in my life. I thought I was going to die, that it was all over. It looked at me and I could hear my heart pounding as it came towards me, lethal intent in its every move. There had been no warning, nothing to prepare me for it. And, strong willed woman that I am,…


The Virginia Monologues 2

1st April 2012

Her The nerve of the man. To speak to me in that sort of way. Who does he think he is? Nothing more than second-in-command. I have greater ambitions than a mere lackey. I deserve the best. And anyway, shouldn’t he be flying the plane instead of trying to invite me on a dinner date? Not even a good chat–up line. I have done my research thoroughly. Tall and slender….


The Virginia Monologues

1st February 2012

Once Every Four Years (Historian’s Note: In the British Isles it is a tradition in some places that a woman may propose to a man on Feb 29th)   Her: It only happens once every four years. Tomorrow is my chance. Leap Year, and of course I am English through and through. We have our traditions, our heritage, our customs. I have been planning it for weeks now. What I…


Mistaken Moments (The Virginia Monologues)

12th December 2011

Her: He sipped my coffee. He actually picked it up and sipped it. Craig never did that, neither did Paul. Not that I would have let them. No way. It’s MY coffee. Made just the way I like it. Hot and strong and sweet. Just like me, as all the men used to say. But he took a sip. I held the mug afterwards, wondering whether the taste of his…


Ed Straker Reads Your Stars

Commander Ed Straker to Colonel Virginia Lake: Colonel. I have noted, with some displeasure, your lack of participation in the SHADO monthly newsletter. I consider this publication to be a vital element in our work, providing much needed information to members of staff. As I am involved in several aspects of the December issue I have assigned the Star Sign page to you for this month. It is a relatively…

1st December 2011

Happy Christmas to All My Friends…..

1st February 2011

Happy Christmas to all my friends and colleagues in SHADO. It  has been a  particularly  busy twelve months  for me  and regrettably  I was not been able to keep you all  appraised of my achievements  over the last year. However, it is  very satisfying to be able to relate now some of  the many   successful incidents that took place since my last Christmas message to you all. January 2010 was…