The Virginia Monologues 8

(Set shortly after The Long Sleep)




Virginia LakeI’m not surprised he walked away so abruptly. Any normal man would have. After all, it wasn’t a pretty sight was it? Lying in that bed looking haggard. Age can do that to some people if they don’t make an effort, though of course I look after myself properly.

No wrinkles for me! A lengthy and strict regime of daily cleansing and moisturising, and of course with only the very best products. All natural ingredients – none of those cheap chemicals. And my skin shows the benefit; pure and unsullied by wrinkles or crows’ feet with not an age spot to be seen.

Of course I don’t consider Botox a chemical. What woman does? It is a natural substance after all, as well as being every woman’s weapon in the never-ending battle against the enemy. A touch on the lips. A little on the brow. Just to give us more than a fighting chance. No one suspects. I hope.

Ed looked so shocked though. Perhaps the sight of all those lines, those winkles, was too much for his delicate, sensitive nature. He must be so used to seeing my face, unmarked by the ravages of time.

I will hurry after him and comfort him, let him see my smooth cheeks, my firm plump lips with just a hint of moisture waiting for his kiss. And surely he will lean forward and press his mouth against mine and …..




Why Lake keeps running after me I have no idea. Perhaps it’s her latest fad in the attempt to stay young. I should tell Jackson to have a word with her about spending too much time on personal grooming. Shower, deodorant, run a comb through my hair and I’m all set for the day. No need to make a fuss. There are more important things to do than faff about with hairspray and layers of make-up and that sort of stuff. Makes a woman look unnatural as far as I’m concerned.



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