The Virginia Monologues #5


Finally. Signed and sealed. The deed is done. There is no turning back now. After so much heartache, so many broken promises, so many rejections, tonight I will finally get my heart’s desire.


I have given up everything for this. Oh, the sacrifices. My post in Westbrook Electronics, my research, my lovely lovely home. But it will be worth it. Tonight I will achieve my heart’s desire, and, although he may not be aware, I will be close by, watching over him. I will be his guardian angel, his unseen protector, the woman who ensures his safety from the evil forces that surround us. And he will not know. That in itself is a precious thing; that I will be unseen. He will not feel the need to give me his thanks, and indeed I am not doing this for his gratitude. I am doing this for him. And me.

It will be a long time before I will feel at home, but being able to keep watch over him will be worth the loss of my apartment with its beautifully appointed rooms and roof garden. A pokey and abandoned flat is no real substitute. But I set out to do this, and, although it will take time to make this into my home, one day I will be able to bring him here, and show him the view from this window. He will smile and wrap those arms around me and I will blush. And perhaps he will too, knowing what I will have seen while I have watched him. And he will kiss me and say thank you for keeping him safe at night.

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Must remember to get off early tonight. Need to give Henderson the keys to my flat. Hope he enjoys living there. Must also thank Alec for suggesting that I sell it and move somewhere quieter.

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  1. I hope Ed doesn’t forget to give me the keys of my new flat today. Saw him yesterday moving out with bag and baggage. And Colonel Lake seems to live in the same quarters. Saw her last week behind a window, observing my new rooms, obviously expecting me. Where from does she know that I bought the flat? Next week I’ll invite her to a candlelight dinner.

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