The Virginia Monologues 2


Happy Christmas to all my FriendsThe nerve of the man. To speak to me in that sort of way. Who does he think he is? Nothing more than second-in-command. I have greater ambitions than a mere lackey. I deserve the best. And anyway, shouldn’t he be flying the plane instead of trying to invite me on a dinner date? Not even a good chat–up line. I have done my research thoroughly. Tall and slender. Blue-eyed.

And single.

I shouldn’t have any problems getting HIM interested in me. The word is that he is untouchable, solitary, a lonely man. Well I can cure that. As they say, why settle for second best? HE wouldn’t have asked me to accompany the Utronics team if he wasn’t interested. Seriously interested. They always say the quiet ones are the most passionate.

I will suggest that we discuss my ‘equipment’ later this evening. Maybe over a meal. Maybe oysters, and steak, and …… strawberries for dessert. I can’t wait.

Commander Straker and me. Alone. Discussing our future. Together.



Hope Alec remembers that Seagull X-Ray is due for a complete maintenance check once he has that Utronic system installed. I think I’ll have an early night. Nothing important here now.

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