The Virginia Monologues #3


Virginia Monologues 3 smallIt was horrible. I mean, really horrible. I can’t remember ever being as scared in my life. I thought I was going to die, that it was all over. It looked at me and I could hear my heart pounding as it came towards me, lethal intent in its every move. There had been no warning, nothing to prepare me for it. And, strong willed woman that I am, with all my doctorates and expertise, I am ashamed to admit that I let out a tiny cry. Shock, I suppose. After all, a horror such as that is not something one faces very often.

And he heard me. Rescued me. The man I dream about, swooping across to move me out of danger with his strong arms. I can still feel the strength of those muscles against me, the speed with which he smoothly pushed me to safety, his almost casual defeat of the enemy. Nothing was said, but he gave me one look afterwards. A look of understanding. He has been there himself, I think. Facing the terror, unable to move.

Tonight, once we are alone, I will take him a coffee and sit down and thank him. And we will talk about today and I might cry. And he will hold me in those arms this time, instead of getting me to safety. And he will kiss me.



Dratted spiders. They play havoc inside the computer systems. For the life of me I don’t know why she didn’t pick it up straight away instead of screaming hysterically like that. I’ll have to get maintenance to do a controlled fumigation this evening , but Lake can handle that once I’ve gone home.

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