Commander Ed Straker reads your stars:

Commander Ed Straker reads your stars:

StarsignThe October horoscope: Pluto re-enters with a vengeance this month. Havoc ensues as its near collision with Sedna affects all the rest of the planets, throwing all the forecasts into complete disarray. I accept no responsibility for the accuracy of these forecasts, as the events out in the darkest reaches of the Solar System are likely to inadvertently alter my readings.

Capricorn: 22nd Dec – 19thJan

The month starts well, with a pleasing letter from an old acquaintance , who wishes to meet up with you to talk about the old times The weather throughout the month will be sunny and dry, allowing you to finish decorating the outside of the house. Your financial situation shows signs of grown and the advice from your investment banker will enable you to make a quick killing on the Stock Market. At work you are in line for swift promotion and a move to a much better position.
On the personal side, a new relationship begins to blossom and all looks promising. Your latest hobby provides you with the opportunity to meet new friends and visit exciting new places.

Lucky Message: With a reading like this you don’t need any luck
Aquarius: 20th Jan – 18th Feb

Take particular care this month when purchasing that cheap second-hand car. The salesman might seem genuine, but have it checked out first. Who ever heard of a Rolls-Ford? Sounds a bit ‘iffy’ to me. But, there again, you always were a sucker for a bargain.

Lucky paperwork: a genuine MOT certificate from a reputable garage


Pisces: 19th Feb -19th March

With Mars about to square up to Neptune ( and the rest of the planets buying their tickets for the big fight already!), the hints are that a member of the family will prove difficult this month. Remain calm and keep your distance, and what ever you do, don’t lend him the car!

Lucky number: Local taxi firm.


Aries: 20th March – 19th April

With creative Venus and the Sun in your sphere this month, the time has come for you to finally make those decisions that you have avoided for so long. A change of career sounds ideal doesn’t it? Go for it! After all, what have you got to lose? ( Apart from your employment rights, your pension, your company car, the business expenses, the cheap mortgage,………)

Lucky quote: Things aren’t always what they seem.


Taurus: 20th April – 20th May

This month, with the sun opposing Uranus, you may well find yourself in an indecisive mood, unable to see the way ahead. Don’t race forward; slow down and let things appear in their own time. Otherwise you might be in for a nasty shock when that police car looms up ahead.

Lucky item: Foglights and windscreen wipers


Gemini: 21st May – 20th June

(A peculiar reading this month. Make of it what you will. I simply took the data!)
Calls cost £1. 59p per minute plus network charges. Calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. Average duration 13 minutes. Calls may be recorded. For entertainment purposes only.

Lucky number: nothing starting with 0845!


Cancer: 21st June – 22nd July

Love and money pull in two different directions this month. It’s up to you to decide. Do you buy that lottery ticket or the football magazine that you know he really wants?

Lucky numbers: 26, 9, 43, 12, 34, 37


Leo: 23rd July – 22nd Aug

You are in danger of over-tiring yourself with the way you are working. Venus in conjunction with Mars makes the month even more strenuous. Try to arrange that fortnight’s holiday that you wanted to have together or, failing that, a mini-break in Paris. Otherwise, well, a nice lie-down might help!

Lucky item: Hotel key.


Virgo: 23rd Aug – 22nd Sept

The good news is that Saturn shifts into your own sign this month. This ensures a surprise discovery of money that you didn’t realise you possessed! Don’t spend it all at once though, there may be lean times ahead.

Lucky place: Down the back of the sofa…..


Libra: 23rd Sept – 22nd Oct

Neptune moves out of range, taking with him all the paperwork that you so carefully collated on that project. It’s not too late though, as long as you saved it all! Make sure you have everything backed up on a flash drive before you close the laptop down!

Lucky message: ‘Are you sure you want to delete this file?


Scorpio: 23rd Oct – 21st Nov

Time to expand your mental process by trying something just for fun. Forget about the outcome, it’s the experience that is important. Just make sure that you have the contact number of a reliable solicitor before you embark on that course of action. After all, nude sky-diving might be exhilarating, but not really appropriate when you are part of a display team and have to land in the centre of a football pitch.

Lucky item: a strategically placed emergency ‘chute!


Sagittarius: 22nd Nov – 21st Dec

Home life should be rewarding and relaxing this month, with your family firmly in the centre of things. Should be. But things have a habit of going awry, especially when Mercury gets in a temper and demands instant attention. That is the trouble with these minor planets. They have tantrums in the most embarrassing places. Never mind, it could be worse. After all, Neptune is getting menopausal and that is something you certainly won’t look forward to next year!

Lucky confectionary: Chocolate.. soothes the most stroppy toddler!

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