Vodka 4

1st June 2015

6 ‘What’s this one?’ Alec Freeman said. He pressed his finger against the monitor. ‘Observation Platform 23, Colonel.’ Nina said. She pointed to the screen. ‘We’ve been trying to move it into a better position, but it takes time. They don’t have the power to do much more than change angles. But we’re getting there ’ Freeman was silent. ‘Anything else we can try?’ He slammed his fist on the…


Vodka 3

17th August 2012

‘Anything?’ ‘Nothing Colonel. We’re relocating back-up satellites, but it takes time.’ ‘I know. And I’m distracting you. Look Nina, I’ll be arriving in a couple of hours, but contact me the moment you hear anything.’ Freeman said. ‘Of course.’ Nina Barry cut the transmission and swivelled her chair round. ‘Joan. Any luck with that algorithm?’ Harrington tapped at her controls. ‘There isn’t enough data Lieutenant. I can’t get an answer.’…


Vodka 2 (Moonlight and Vodka series)

2nd June 2012

3 ‘Colonel Freeman.’ ‘Nina. Any news?’ ‘Still searching Colonel. It’s only been two hours and we haven’t covered all the sectors yet. There’s a lot of space out there.’ Nina leaned closer to look into the monitor. ‘Give us time Alec. Right now everything I have available is out there looking. But with that satellite out of operation we’re left with a blind spot that can’t be scanned by sensors….


Vodka: Pt 1 (Moonlight and Vodka series)

1st April 2012

‘One UFO, Commander. Travelling slowly.’ ‘Exactly how slowly Lieutenant?’ Straker’s hand rubbed the bristles on his jaw. The sixth incursion in twenty-four hours. He wondered if it would end the same way as the other five. In failure. Different approach patterns, different speeds, different directions. There was no consistency to any of the attacks. ‘Speed S.O.L. zero decimal five.’ There was a pause, ‘It’s increased speed ..,’ Another pause, longer…



1st February 2012

This story continues the events in ‘Moonlight: Breathless 1’. and Vodka: Breathless 11 Readers may also wish to read One Red Square by AnDelenDir as a prelude to this story.   ‘So, we are in agreement then? You will have to move to England for a few months to familiarise yourself with our…. organisation.’ Straker looked across the table at Dimitri. ‘but then you will reassigned back here, all being well.’…


Vodka (Breathless II)

1st December 2011

TAGS: torture, violence WARNINGS: contains realistically described torture scenes and considerable violence Vodka Nineteenth century word from Russian, diminutive of voda … water Chapter 1 His hip was sore. It was a jagged pain that gnawed him, made him grit his teeth against the ache, the unaccustomed bite of razor-sharpness. He lay still, very very still, trying to focus, to recall. And as his head cleared, as the memories sorted…


Moonlight (Breathless I)

1st September 2011

Prologue November 2010 Moonlight in Moscow. So typical. The band, slightly out of tune, more than slightly drunk, and not caring in the slightest one way or another, thrashed out the ubiquitous melody, more for the sake of attracting any stray foreign tourist than any real love of the melody. The hotel he was staying in was too busy, too prominent for a meeting such as this. Any suspicious activity,…