Mary’s Place…. or Who is to Blame?

1st June 2011

Mary Straker, who has been nicknamed “The Screecher” by most female UFO fans, especially most fanfiction writers, is a highly controversial character, as is her marriage with Ed Straker. And if she is not deemed to be in the wrong and utterly obnoxious, she is usually written back into his life and as his wife, as if things were that simple either. This persistent one-sided treatment of the character, whom…



1st March 2011

05.48 hours I knew I was going to have to tell her sometime today, but she was still asleep when I pushed back the covers and, muscles stiff and aching, sat on the edge of the bed. Not enough sleep last night. Not enough sleep most nights really. Nightmares do that to you. Make you afraid to sleep, to close your eyes in case they come for you. It was…


On Marriage, the Military Mind and Straker

1st February 2011

I get sick of romance stories, and the what seems to me fairly desperate attempts to marry Straker off again and again does pall. I used to read some of those stories – now I don’t. The more he is tied up in romance, the less like the real Straker he seems IMO… …Glad I’m not alone in the please-don’t marry-Straker-off-again club. After I read a few of them I…