Convention Poster

Size: 32 inches by 48 inches. I was given this at the end of the Convention – not an easy thing to transport back home especially as I was travelling through London and had to get four trains! My rucksack was loaded with goodies such as Alan Shubrook’s wonderful ‘Century 21 FX Update’, the excellent Graham Bleathman book ‘Inside the World of Gerry Anderson’ and the new Marcus Hearn book…

1st December 2015

Space 1999: Nighthawks 2 by Norbert Steinert

In November 2012 Norbert Steinert emailed me, giving his permission to post both this picture and the previous one, UFO: After Work. I heard no more from him and it was only today, while searching for his ‘pseudonym’ on Facebook that I discovered he had died in May 2013.  I wish I had known earlier that he was ill. These are lovely pieces of work and a small tribute to his…

1st September 2015