One Wish at Christmas: Final part

24th December 2015

He knew he was dreaming; there was a part of him that was separate, watching from the sidelines as the young boy sat beside the fireplace opening the present from his parents then looking up at them, his eyes wide with delight. He saw the young officer polishing the silver napkin rings at the table, his elderly parents sitting beside him, chatting about work and friends, delighted to have him…


One Wish at Christmas: Part 4

19th December 2015

The main control room, and yet it was not. So different, so very different. Oh it was SHADO, there was no questioning that, but these people were not his, this was not his Control room. His SHADO was not a jumble of burnt out and wrecked consoles, of exhausted and filthy staff clustered around the few remaining machines that still seemed to be active. Wires and cables looping from broken…


One Wish at Christmas: Part 3

12th December 2015

By the time she told him to slow down he was shaking with cold and heat and fear. He pulled the car over to the side of the road, switching on the hazard lights. They had not seen one other vehicle on the roads since leaving…  leaving… He opened the door, desperate to get out, tangling his arm in the seat belt for a frantic moment. He made it to…


One Wish at Christmas: Part 2

5th December 2015

The house looked strangely familiar, the white gate in the fence giving a familiar and welcoming creak as he pushed it open, the path curving around the bole of a heavy tree. He stopped, fearful, his heart pounding now, not from exertion, but dread. ‘Come with me.’ She was there beside him, her fingers on his elbow, guiding him, gentle hands leading him towards the windows with their bright lights…


One Wish at Christmas: Part 1

1st December 2015

A UFO story by Lightcudder Chapter 1 The roads were busy with revellers heading into town to celebrate, noisy groups of party-goers filling the evening with their shrieks of laughter and the once pristine snow covering the carpark when he arrived three days ago was now little more than a thin covering of slush spattering the windscreen with clods of brown half-rotted ice. Straker flicked the radio on, more in…


The Shepherd – Grafted (Conclusion and Author’s Notes)

1st September 2015

Chapter 13 Alec opened his eyes. Darkness. Coldness and darkness. He tried to reach out, but his wrists were restrained. Uncomfortable restraints that bit into his skin, tight on the bones underneath. Pain in his head. He turned his face to one side, but a hand hit his cheek, the unexpected slap stinging his skin. He could feel his pulse beating hard, almost erratically, could sense the strangeness of his…


A Drop Too Many (Captain Scarlet)

1st September 2015

Scarlet. I hadn’t intended it to end that way. It hurt. As always. That’s always the worst part, knowing that, whatever happens, it’s going to hurt. This was no different. Searing pain. And I couldn’t stop myself from screaming. Falling hundreds of feet isn’t much fun, especially when you aren’t wearing a parachute and you know how it’s going to end. The horror shrieks in my mind, the implacable truth…


The Shepherd – Lamb to the Slaughter (Chapters 10 & 11)

14th April 2011

Warning/Tags: Major Character Death, Death Chapter 10 Mason closed his eyes, but whatever he did, the images were still there, the sounds echoing in his mind despite everything he did. Tired beyond belief he struggled to find some rest, some comfortable position, his pillow hot and lumpy, the duvet too weighty. His head ached with weariness but his restless mind was in mayhem, the memories of his deeds still taunting…


The Shepherd – Lamb to the Slaughter (Chapters 2 & 3)

7th March 2011

Tags: violence, disemboweling, death   Chapter 2 The underground car park was deserted. Only Straker’s car and one other parked in random places between the concrete pillars. Dim lights flickered behind wire brackets, glinting on random puddles of water that had dripped from rainsoaked vehicles. Other liquids also marked the oil-streaked and begrimed surface of the roadway. Darker, more ominous puddles, reflecting the gloomy light in their thickening crimson patterns….


The Shepherd – Lamb to the Slaughter Prologue and Chapter 1

1st March 2011

Prologue & Chapter 1 Thursday 06.36 The dim light in the alleyway pooled down onto the huddled figure. Late at night, in this less salubrious area of London, there were few late-night revellers. Not even an insomniac dog-walker. But the man had been spotted nonetheless. It was dealt with in the usual efficient manner. Photographs, forensic evidence, SOCO’s. Processed, collated, labelled. Then the body removed to the central morgue for…