UFO film – the future is ‘not’ looking fantastic

1st September 2015

The long-awaited UFO film – initially lauded as the first in a trilogy of ‘tent-pole’ movies, looks to be dead and buried. The domain name expired on July 30th as so far has not been renewed. Not an auspicious sign. I may be wrong – I hope I am – but after so many years waiting for something, anything, to happen it looks as if UFO fans, yet again, are…


UFO Film

1st June 2015

Last year, Film Bridge International updated their webpage confirming that the much awaited UFO  film was ‘in development’ (which meant very little really). In 2012 they posted: FBI recently announced a relationship with New Deal Studios, the company responsible for the extraordinary visual effects in many of Hollywood’s biggest films including “Inception,” “Hugo,” and “The Dark Knight.” Together, the companies have announced the production of two major motion pictures. The…


UFO-Movie postponed another year!

Matthew Gratzner and Avi Haas, the producers hoping to bring a UFO-Movie to the silver screen, have stated on their website: ‘This is a BIG film and it takes time to prepare a project of this magnitude. Like you we are huge fans of the original series and want to do it justice.’ With that statement the movie is being postponed another year, release date now says 2013. Sounds like…

1st July 2011