‘Fight or Flight’

1st September 2015

Dear Dr. Jackson As a new Lt. who is very shy when first meeting new people, can you give me any advice re the following: I am due to see Commander Straker tomorrow and it will be my first day on the job at SHADO H.Q. fresh out of recruit training. When I am nervous I tend to freeze in stressful situations and meeting the commander I fear will be…


Odd Socks and Unrequited Love

1st June 2015

This month Dr Jackson has asked his assistants to help answer some of the questions sent in by concerned readers.   Dear Dr Jackson. I recently purchased some new clothing and, in an attempt to lose my reputation of being predictable and unadventurous and other such uncomplimentary names, I bought several pairs of black socks with the latest fashion in striped toes. Very daring I have to say! But they…


Miss Ealand answers your questions

17th August 2012

  This month , Dr Jackson has received a variety of letters, and we have assigned different members of SHADO to the task of solving your problems.   The first question comes from ‘Concerned’ and has been answered by Miss Ealand. ***     Dear Dr Jackson Following SHADO protocols I recently upgraded my CPU from Boyfriend 0.5 to Married 1.0. I was careful to get the complete package and…


The Third Interceptor Rule

11th June 2012

Dear Dr Jackson, I’ve had enough – the widespread smoking both up on Moonbase and at HQ is giving me a right pain in the chest. I went to see Commander Straker and the first thing he did after lighting a cigar was to say “So what’s the burning issue?” Nicholas O’Tine Dear Nick. I have read through your file and note that your last psychometric evaluation was two months…


Black Pudding

Dear Dr. Jackson, Ever since I started working for SHADO I’ve felt that HQ should have been placed in Rome or Athens, where the weather is warm, the food is excellent and the women are…  Well anyway,  can’t we at least get some better grub than black pudding and shepherd’s pie? Yours, Grumbling Australian Dear Grumbling Australian. You should learn to appreciate the finer aspects of the great English cuisine. It is…

1st May 2012

To Sid or not to SID…

1st April 2012

As Dr Jackson is currently en route to London ( lucky sod) and therefore incommunicado, I am answering a couple of the letters that he has received for his ‘Problem Page’. He owes me a couple of bottles of decent malt for doing this! Alec.   Dear Dr Jackson A couple of weeks ago one of my colleagues at work persuaded me to sign up for a speed dating session….



1st February 2012

Dear Dr Jackson. I am not sure how to how to say this, but I think that our esteemed leader is showing signs of stress. Perhaps it is time that he was sent on an enforced vacation. And then the rest of us can apply for leave and get it? (And maybe some of us could come back from exile? It’s cold here in McMurdo.) Yours Alec A concerned staff…


Presents and Seduction

1st December 2011

Dear Dr Jackson, I have a persistent problem that reoccurs every year at this time. It is a cause of great stress and I end up spending far too money in an attempt to solve the situation. I really need some advice, especially as the situation reoccurs at the end of December. (I HATE buying birthday and Christmas gifts for my husband. ) Can you perhaps tell me what sort…


Furlough Woes

1st October 2011

Dr Jackson is still ‘seconded’ to McMurdo Sound and the role of Problem Page ‘Uncle’ for this month has been taken over by Cmdr Straker. Dear Dr. Jackson, My girlfriend and I are planning to go away together on holiday for a month, in April next year. I really fancy a trek through the Amazon jungle , whereas she wants to idle the time away on a beach in Spain….



1st September 2011

Dr Jackson has been unavailable for consultation this month. He was due to go on holiday, and was about to arrange a replacement ‘Consultant’ for this very popular ‘Problem Page’ but he has been transferred at short notice to the McMurdo Sound base to help with the research into lice infestations in bumble bees. Commander Straker simply grunted when the Herald editors requested further details. However, Colonel Freeman did give…