2nd June 2012

June 11th 1932. Not a particularly notable day, as days go. No great discoveries, no world-breaking news, but there was one particular event that will remain significant to all fans of UFO. George Victor Bishop was born. It seems strange that, to serious UFO fans, the man who was the lynch-pin of UFO would have been eighty this year. Although we have seen him in numerous film TV appearances, and…


George Victor Bishop (1932-2005)

1st June 2011

Ed Bishop, who died 6 years ago and only three days before his 73rd birthday, belonged to a small group of expatriate actors from the USA and Canada working and living in the United Kingdom. During his prolific career spanning almost 50 years he appeared in movies, on television and  on stage, as well as working on radio, as a narrator and voice-actor. Though never achieving star status, directors regularly…


2000 Fanderson “Century 21”

1st April 2011

During the Fanderson “Century 21” convention, Ed Bishop & Gabrielle Drake were interviewed by Fanderson chairman Chris Bentley in a packed main hall. Here is a transcripion of the interview by Lorraine Bopp-Meyer, which is based on videos made by Paulo Malaguti, Ronald Kroon, Simon Wickes, and Theo de Klerk.   Ed Bishop & Gabrielle Drake Interview at “Century 21” Ed and Gabrielle enter the room and have a seat on…