One Wish at Christmas: Final part

24th December 2015

He knew he was dreaming; there was a part of him that was separate, watching from the sidelines as the young boy sat beside the fireplace opening the present from his parents then looking up at them, his eyes wide with delight. He saw the young officer polishing the silver napkin rings at the table, his elderly parents sitting beside him, chatting about work and friends, delighted to have him…


One Wish at Christmas: Part 4

19th December 2015

The main control room, and yet it was not. So different, so very different. Oh it was SHADO, there was no questioning that, but these people were not his, this was not his Control room. His SHADO was not a jumble of burnt out and wrecked consoles, of exhausted and filthy staff clustered around the few remaining machines that still seemed to be active. Wires and cables looping from broken…


One Wish at Christmas: Part 3

12th December 2015

By the time she told him to slow down he was shaking with cold and heat and fear. He pulled the car over to the side of the road, switching on the hazard lights. They had not seen one other vehicle on the roads since leaving…  leaving… He opened the door, desperate to get out, tangling his arm in the seat belt for a frantic moment. He made it to…


One Wish at Christmas: Part 2

5th December 2015

The house looked strangely familiar, the white gate in the fence giving a familiar and welcoming creak as he pushed it open, the path curving around the bole of a heavy tree. He stopped, fearful, his heart pounding now, not from exertion, but dread. ‘Come with me.’ She was there beside him, her fingers on his elbow, guiding him, gentle hands leading him towards the windows with their bright lights…


One Wish at Christmas: Part 1

1st December 2015

A UFO story by Lightcudder Chapter 1 The roads were busy with revellers heading into town to celebrate, noisy groups of party-goers filling the evening with their shrieks of laughter and the once pristine snow covering the carpark when he arrived three days ago was now little more than a thin covering of slush spattering the windscreen with clods of brown half-rotted ice. Straker flicked the radio on, more in…


The Brutal Truth

1st May 2012

Hurt and Comfort. I have a reputation for violence. Well, not real violence. Mine tends to be the written sort. A stabbing in Shepherd Part 2, the odd torture scene in FarSight and Breathless, even an attempted suicide in Surrendered. The whole gamut of blood and gore and pain. It is my style of writing and I make no apologies. If you read my work you will know what I…


Released (The Vampire Series 5)

1st July 2011

Ed reached into his stubborn adherence to who and what he was, fighting the insidious voice in his head. Yes, he would love to have a weapon to use against the aliens, something to chase them away and make them never come back again. But what he saw in this monster’s eyes, in Virginia’s; no. This was not the way, to become more of a monster than he already was….


Trapped (The Vampire Series 4)

1st May 2011

WARNINGS: slight sexual innuendos, some violence 16:30 The drive to the docks took longer than expected. Traffic was heavy as they went through town to arrive at the correct area. The SHADO mobile unit was equipped to go overland and was slow by comparison on the road. Davidson, one of Ford’s people, greeted Straker as he joined the mobile crew. “We’re still not triangulated. Ferrales is working on it. Ford’s…


Lured (The Vampire Series 3)

14th April 2011

23:56 pm Ford poked his head into Straker’s office looking worried. Not all that unusual. “Yes?” Ed responded quickly. “Security, sir. Col. Freeman left the premises over an hour ago. His car’s in the lot still, along with his gun sitting on the bonnet.” Galvanized Ed was on the phone to security for a full report. Within minutes he was at the scene and was as baffled as his security…


Watched (The Vampire Series 2)

7th April 2011

For several days, Alec Freeman had felt eyes on him; someone watching him until he could have jumped out of his skin at being addressed by a friend. The feeling preyed on his usually steel nerves. Even his boss, Ed Straker, had noticed there was something amiss. “Alec, you’re jumpy.” Ed eyed him curiously. He let out a brief laugh, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. “Yeah. I’ve felt…