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Colour me SHADO

Designing costumes for a futuristic science fiction programme brings its own difficulties. How will fashions have changed in a century, or a millennium even? The designers of costumes in UFO had an even harder task in some respects – to look a mere decade ahead and imagine how the current fashions of the late 60’s would have developed. It’s easy to look back with the hindsight of fifty years and…


The Man Who Came Back

The Man Who Came Back. Not a very inspiring title perhaps, but this is another little gem from Terence Feely, who also wrote the brilliant ‘Timelash’. In some respects TMWCB is ‘Kill Straker!’ but with a touch of romance, a goodly helping of stunning special effects and some phenomenal scenes set in space. The story starts with Craig Collins, ably played by Derren Nesbitt, who is in a romantic relationship…


Conflict: the episode

Ask any UFO fan to name their favourite episode. Destruction, Kill Straker! Psychobombs, Mindbender, Timelash. More often than not the action-packed episodes take centre-stage, with the character-driven CCA-OK and Question of Priorities a close second. But some episodes slip under the radar, not as ‘bad’ episodes’ (are there any ‘bad episodes of UFO?) but ones that don’t get the recognition they deserve, ones that don’t immediately spring to mind. Perhaps…