Shot In The Dark (Ch. 22, 23, 24 & 25)

2nd June 2012

Chapter 22 “John?” It was Virgil’s voice that broke the silence this time, low and uncertain as he stood up, taking a step forward as if he didn’t believe that his brother was truly there. “How?” Gordon was practically laughing now, although both Virgil and Scott knew that he was finding nothing funny, it was just the sheer absurdity of the situation. They had just spent however many hours thinking…


Shot in the Dark (16,17+18)

1st April 2012

Chapter 16 Jeff could do nothing but stand there blinking as his mother leant gratefully on Parker’s arm as the faithful servant helped her down from the plane. Luckily, his son had slightly more of his wits about him, and, dropping the bags he had been given, Virgil hurried forward. Taking his grandmother’s arm, he carefully steered the old lady across the hanger and back towards his father. No sooner…


Shot in the Dark 4, 5 & 6

Chapter 4 Virgil was leaning casually against the railings overlooking his ‘bird, drinking in the sight of the powerful machine with appreciative eyes. It gave him something of the chills when he looked down on her like this, taking in the full scale of the giant green Thunderbird, knowing that he had complete control of her whenever she was in the air. When he was flying, there certainly was no…

1st October 2011

Shot in the Dark 3

1st September 2011

Chapter 3 The journey back was a quiet one. For some unknown reason, Gordon didn’t voice his suspicions to his brother regarding the accident. His fingers were closed around the rough end of the object sitting in his pocket, yet Gordon stayed quiet. He was sure Virgil wouldn’t believe him. After all, it wasn’t as if either he or Scott had seen anything, and Gordon was already ashamed of how…


Shot in the Dark 2

1st August 2011

Quickly hitting a switch, Virgil continued with his original purpose and patched himself through to his missing brother, although any thought of a pleasant conversation with John had been dashed from his mind. Immediately, the Space Monitor’s portrait morphed into the real thing and John glanced up from where he was scanning through various readings, obviously trying to gauge the scenario from what he had been told. Briefly catching Virgil’s…


Shot in the Dark (Part 1)

1st July 2011

Dawn broke over Tracy Island, the sun just peeping over the horizon and bathing the small dwelling in a golden light, infiltrating the cracks in the proud house resting atop one of the numerous hills that littered the land. Birds greeted the new day with a burst of song, each trying to outdo each other. The only other sound that could be heard was that of a few of the…


The Room

1st May 2011

It’s a bland room, with walls in an indefinable hue of palest mauve, or perhaps it’s taupe. I was never very good at colours. Either way it fades into the distance, one of those shades that seems to draw back the more you stare at it. They probably paid some psychologist to tell them what colour to use, something restful they would have said; we want something calming and soothing….