The Shepherd – Drafted (Prologue, Chapters 1 & 2)

14th October 2011

Prologue ‘Alec?’ The voice was hesitant, and held a dark note of fear but it was enough to make Alec Freeman turn with joy to the man sitting beside him. Just that one word, that one name was sufficient to crack the shield that had safeguarded Straker from the events that had precipitated his nightmare. He leaned forward, head in his hands as he remembered the underground garage space, and…


The Shepherd – Hefted (Chapters 22, 23 & Epilogue)

1st October 2011

Chapter 22 ‘TW3 1QL’ Rebecca called to the driver of the big saloon car as she slid into the rear seat beside Sara. Alec Freeman was strapping himself into the front seat even as the car set off, wheels skidding on the loose gravel of the executives’ parking area. The driver punched the postcode into the satnav even as he was pushing the car through its gears, forcing it into…


The Shepherd – Hefted (Chapters 19, 20 & 21)

14th September 2011

Chapter 19 – Friday am A Studio tour was just setting off from the main reception area as Alec Freeman headed out to meet Sara and Miss Steel, having asked Max to come and show the men some of the work that was done in the construction areas. The group stood aside, watching with some amusement as the coach load of pensioners on a day trip followed their guide like…


The Shepherd – Hefted (Chapters 16, 17 & 18)

Chapter 16 – Friday early am ‘So, tell me,’ Sara murmured drowsy with sleep, her head on Alec’s shoulder, her short hair tickling his shoulder and neck, ‘could your friend have had a twin brother?’ ‘Twin? I don’t think so, why?’ Alec pulled her closer, the fingers of one hand exploring her spine, intent on distracting her. ‘Hmm….’ she sighed with pleasure as his other hand cupped her breast, finger…

1st September 2011

The Shepherd – Hefted (Chapters 14 & 15)

1st August 2011

Chapter 14 Thursday night Steam billowed out as the door opened. He was not at the basin as she had supposed, and she froze on seeing the tall figure standing there, his back to her, one hand on the wall as water poured over him, pooling palest brown in the cheap white shower tray. The knowledge that he must have been hurt in the attack, as well as the sudden…


The Shepherd – Hefted (Chapters 12 & 13)

14th July 2011

Warnings: Some physical violence, injuries Chapter 12 – Thursday pm John Shepherd. Rebecca thought about him as she headed for home and bed, unaware that she was being observed by a man who was tensing himself ready to move as soon as she was clear of the cameras that monitored the entrance. She walked away, her back to him, the sharp night air stinging her eyes, the frosty chill clouding…


The Shepherd – Hefted (Chapters 8 & 9)

1st July 2011

Chapter 8 Wednesday afternoon to midnight. The library had been warm. That was about all John Shepherd could say. The computers so slow and inefficient that it was not worth even attempting to get into the police files that he hoped might hold some clues to his situation. He had spent a couple of hours reading newspapers and journals, enjoying the silence and the peace, but, eventually hunger and unease…


The Shepherd – Hefted (Chapters 6 & 7)

1st June 2011

Chapter 6 – Wednesday afternoon ‘Call the commander.’ Paul Foster leaned over Keith Ford’s console. ‘He needs to get back here, as soon as possible.’ The Chief Communications Officer didn’t even acknowledge the order, his fingers even as Foster spoke activating the emergency call signal to Alec Freeman’s mobile. ‘Damn.’ Alec, his fingers on the neat package of photographs in his jacket pocket, pulled his hand free and grabbed his…


The Shepherd – Hefted (Chapters 4 & 5)

21st May 2011

Chapter 4 – Wednesday afternoon The antique oak door closed behind Rebecca as she stepped out into the street, scarf wrapped around her face against the chill December winds. A brisk walk to work, crossing the High Street that was heavy with traffic queuing to get into the car parks. There was no real reason for her to go to the shelter today; she was off duty, but there was…