Convention Poster

UFO poster

Size: 32 inches by 48 inches.

I was given this at the end of the Convention – not an easy thing to transport back home especially as I was travelling through London and had to get four trains! My rucksack was loaded with goodies such as Alan Shubrook’s wonderful ‘Century 21 FX Update’, the excellent Graham Bleathman book ‘Inside the World of Gerry Anderson’ and the new Marcus Hearn book ‘The Vault’ which I had intended buying when I got home, but found that I had, in fact,  won a copy in the raffle.

Together with various other items (SHADO badges, additional copies of certain FAB magazines, signed photographs and the like, I ended up having rather a lot to carry.  However, I managed to get it home undamaged.

As far as I can tell, this is a ‘one-off’. All I have to do now is to find somewhere to hang it in my workroom!

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