Chris Thompson’s Art

1st March 2011

Moonmobiles My names Chris Thompson. I live in the murky backwaters of the city of Belfast, on the dark side of Northern Ireland. I’m an independent filmmaker and student. I’ve been a  Gerry Anderson fan for the majority of my life. One of my favourite designs from UFO were the seriously underused Moon mobiles originally designed by Mike Trim. The components for the models  were created in Google sketch-up. Small…


Ed Straker Drawing

1st February 2011

This is probably one of my favourite images of Ed Straker, and one I have done in a variety of ways, from simple pencil sketches to pastels. I like the profile, although I find it hard to get  the eyes right.  This drawing was a trial one  in A4 size (30 cm x 20 cm) as I wanted to see how it would work out before attempting it in acrylics…