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My names Chris Thompson. I live in the murky backwaters of the city of Belfast, on the dark side of Northern Ireland. I’m an independent filmmaker and student. I’ve been a  Gerry Anderson fan for the majority of my life.

One of my favourite designs from UFO were the seriously underused Moon mobiles originally designed by Mike Trim. The components for the models  were created in Google sketch-up. Small things like the side pods and the engines at the back pieces were then imported into my main program VUE 8 and assembled here. Then I  created a panelling texture in photoshop and added it.

I then created the lunar surface adding craters into the terrain to give it a more lunar feel.

The composition of the image was to give it a sense of speed. With one of the Mobiles flying straight at the camera and the second heading in a slightly different direction as if in a search pattern. The earth was a last minute addition in photoshop to leave the background less blank.

I then added the dust trails and a radial motion blur to finish off the piece.


Chris Thompson



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