Shot in the Dark (Part 1)

1st July 2011

Dawn broke over Tracy Island, the sun just peeping over the horizon and bathing the small dwelling in a golden light, infiltrating the cracks in the proud house resting atop one of the numerous hills that littered the land. Birds greeted the new day with a burst of song, each trying to outdo each other. The only other sound that could be heard was that of a few of the…


Original Prankster

By: Loopstagirl (author)   Gordon let his eyes flicker open, a smile immediately leaping onto his face as he breathed in sharply through his nose, allowing the oxygen to flood his senses and bring him round further. He loved today. Possibly one of his favourite days of the year. It was the one day he could truly be himself, and no one would expect anything less. In fact, they were…

1st April 2011


1st March 2011

Author: Loopstagirl As his seat slowly switched back into the horizontal position, Scott found himself breathing in deeply as he coaxed more and more speed out of his ‘bird. He knew he had a few moments before chaos flurried back into life once more. But it was these few moments, where all was still, that gave the man the moment of calm he needed. In a couple of moments, Virgil…