I do a considerable amount of art work with the different pupils that I teach and I like to work on something at the same time as they are drawing or whatever ( it makes the atmosphere in my classroom much more relaxed). For the last few weeks I have been working on a picture of Moonbase. I like the geometry of Moonbase and the contrasts between light and shade. Initially I started this picture in pastels and chalks, but I decided to go over what I had done in acrylics.

In retrospect I should probably have started again, but I was only ‘playing around’ with the idea. However, after several hours work, and at least a dozen layers of paint I thought it was worth carrying on. It’s not perfect, not by a long way, but I was working in a small space, with cheap brushes and paints and frequent distractions. Here is the finished result.


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  1. i really like it. it grabbed me at first glance. i would like it if i didnt know it was moonbase. it has a stark quality about it that says-”moon” to me. it reminds me of nasa of 2001 a space odyssey

  2. Thank you darthgarlic. I have to be honest about my ‘art’ work though. It IS only done for fun and relaxation, and if other people like it then I am pleased to share it. I was given some really fine paintbrushes for Christmas so if I have the time I might well have another try at doing Moonbase, simply to get the windows in the Domes looking right, although I would probably do it from a different angle. But thank you for your comment. I do appreciate it.

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