How Bad is the Script of the New UFO Movie?

As we had a little bird tell us, Gerry Anderson is not exactly convinced of the script for the upcoming UFO movie. Anderson, who is on board as an advisor, hopefully will manage to have some input. So far the start of production has been postponed several times, and the cast is also not yet been decided upon.

We will keep you primed on the latest development!

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  1. Did Joshua Jackson dropped out of the movie? He should have played the role of Paul Foster. I’m not sure but I think I’ve seen his name on the official movie site month ago. But now he isn’t mentioned anmore.

  2. We (the aliens) have been sabotating all remakes of UFO for solar years, and this movie will have the same fate of all your attempts. Earthmen, surrender or you be destroyed.

  3. I haven’t given ten years of sweat and sacrifice simply to idly stand back and let you take what you want. This publication is further proof that SHADO is committed to its mission of protecting the world from your vile depredations, and that we are moving forward with innovative tecnological advances that will ensure our superiority over your forces. Despite all your attempts to subvert our organisation, we WILL succeed.

  4. Your faith in the ultimate victory makes us laugh. You don’t even know who we really are and what our projects are. And in case you believe you know where we are from I tell you that we deceived that stupid probe of yours by sabotating its close up instrument and by putting a small ball in front of it. We have been studing your race for centuries, instead. We know you. Better watch cartoons, earthmen, no new movie will ever be produced!

  5. Don’t kid yourself, boy. We have the technology. We have the manpower and we have the resources. And despite all your puny efforts, SHADO will prevail. The film is only a fraction of our vast armoury. We are armed with the most modern and up-to-date weaponry, which is accessible across the world. Our superbly talented writers and designers are even now working hard to foil your efforts.

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