December issue

Welcome to the December issue of the Ed Straker Herald. The editors are delighted to bring you a packed issue that should provide you with plenty of reading matter on the run up to Christmas! In our popular ‘Columns’ section we have a review of the Fanderson Convention held in Maidenhead in October this year. There is a review of the lecture by Alan Shubrook at the convention and a closer look at Alan Shubrook’s latest book: Century 21FX Update – the Studios Revisited.

For those of you who write fanfiction –whether UFO or some other fandom – there is a detailed and highly recommended article giving all the information needed to feed and care for all those pesky Plot Bunnies (latin name: Pestis Buggerit Cuniculus)

In our Stories section there are eight contributions: two older Christmas-based stories published elsewhere (Fluff and An Unexpected Guest), Oberon by dragon which is adult rated and therefore only available to our subscribers, Christmas Weird also by dragon, Moment of Truth in which Ed Straker comes to a decision, and a longer story – One Wish for Christmas which, due to its length and content, will be divided into five parts to be posted weekly. (The next chapter will be posted on Saturday 5th Dec.)  Ford’s Left Shoe by Ltcdr is a short story from a prompt given by dragon, and editors of The Herald give their sincere thanks to Toria who translated the original story from English to German for the benefit of our many German readers.

The serials are updated as well with yet more of Spyder’s wonderful Circles story. Again, this is adult rated and you need to be a subscriber to read this and Spyder’s other great stories.

There are several posts in the Art section: more of Moreno Tambellini’s great hand drawn comic ‘Identified’, a scan of one of Graham Bleathman’s ‘Interceptor’ paintings, a poster from the Convention that is now the property of LtCdr, and a hand-drawn pen and ink sketch by Graham Bleathman for Ltcdr.

In Models we take a look at some of the exhibits at the Convention and photographs of Shy One Moonbase being constructed and building the petrol station in Flight Path.

Due to circumstances beyond the control of the editorial staff, there will be a delay in posting Dr Jackson’s advice page. However, we are pleased to have Lifestyle with this month’s Star Signs and Colonel Virginia Lake’s musing in her Monologues. Maybe this time she will finally get her man! (On second thoughts – probably not)

As always, we hope you enjoy this issue. If you would like to read the password protected stories, or leave a comment on any post in the Herald, please consider subscribing.


Commander Straker, Courtesy the UFO series homepage
Commander Straker, courtesy the UFO series homepage



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