Your Very Own UFO!

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Spinning Through Space

The latest addition to SHADO’s superb range of collectables.

SHADO Marketing are pleased to be able to announce their latest collector’s item. This classic masterpiece has been carefully constructed to the very highest standards by our renowned Norwegian sculptor Olaf Pliro.

Olaf has gained a reputation for his meticulous attention to accuracy as well as his innovative use of some of the rarest materials found in the universe. True connoisseurs of his work already appreciate  the incredible  amount of detail that Olaf Pliro puts into his creations, and this highly desirable statuette is a tribute to his skill as one of the world’s foremost craftsmen.

This exquisite model of a UFO, crafted by hand over many hours, will enhance any home. From the smooth glass-like texture of the dome, and the sharp bevelled edges of the fins to  the beautifully constructed and highly polished internal  parts that are visible, this model is sure to be a  greatly sought-after  addition to your SHADO collection.

This limited edition is available to order for one day only to registered SHADO collectors. To order your individually numbered UFO please contact SHADO Marketing. Each model will come with its own seal of authenticity and will be personally signed by the sculptor.

We anticipate that demand for these exquisite works of art will be high, so please call early to avoid disappointment.

Actual size:  diameter 30 ft x  height 20 ft.

Delivery charges to areas outside mainland UK will apply.

To reserve your Limited Edition UFO by Olaf Pliro, or for further information, please call 01042011.


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  1. Rubbish. Rough imitations. However, I have some good news for you. Alien Spacecraft Surplus Dept. is pleased to announce our first BIG AUCTION event, which we are going to organize next month, which will allow many fan to own their REAL FULLY FUNCTIONAL UFO SPACECRAFT. Obviously weapons have been removed and engines have been modified to allow subluminal speeds only. UFOs are easy to drive in theory, and they came with a complete instruction manual, but some intensive training is necessary to gradually get used to the spinning, so to start with short flights is recommended. Also, a a stock of medicines against travel illnesses will be useful initially. Our spacecrafts for auction are of older type and are no longer in line, most are veterans of battles against SHADO, so some may show signs of damages, which does not undermine their efficiency as a vehicle. Start of the auction varies depending on the wear of the vehicle, but can be set more or less around $100000. The first stock of vehicles which will be auctioned is around 50. Auction will be held somewhere on the Dark Side of the Moon, more details to follow, but for interested people only.

  2. Darn, I hope I’m not too late! I’ve been away, and just caught sight of this amazing offer… it’s going to go SO well with the full-scale replica I am building of SHADO Control. Strange, I am having the most horrendous time getting copies of the original building plans. For some reason the Freedom of Information Act doesn’t apply. Anyway… great job, and very nicely written. Best, Griff

  3. Alien Officer, I presume your surplus Craft are from the General Antique Refurbishment Bargains And Government Excess stores? The title says it all. You cannot fool us. Our models are up-to-date and in perfect condition, unlike yours. And … will it cost an arm and a leg to have one delivered? Or perhaps just a pancreas and a liver?

  4. Griff. I have a full set of original plans for SHADO control which I am more than happy to show you. Please contact my secretary for an appointment to view them followed by coffee afterwards in my office. Straker. C-in-C SHADO

  5. Straker, I thought that after trying for years to capture a UFO without results you would have been delighted to have the possibility of buying one!

  6. Alien Officer, why on Earth would I want to buy a second-hand, substandard, speed restricted UFO… that probably doesn’t even spin at maximum revolutions. If I want that sort of vehicle I will buy a bus. (I wonder if Alec has passed his Passenger Carrying Vehicle test yet?) Straker.

  7. to Alien Officer: Hi! After having spent several months on the isle in the atlantic I’m really looking forward to your moon auction! I’ll be there, if I can manage to daff Col. Foster aside up til then …Please reserve one of the spaceships for me! Or am I too late?

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