‘Most Wanted’ List

Continuing the fight small1. ED STRAKER:  Wanted for crimes against humanity. Terrorism. War Crimes.

REWARD: The Homeworld Gazette is offering a reward of (untranslatable) for information leading to the capture or annihilation of Ed Straker.

Date of Birth: Unknown. (Some sources suggest 21st Sept)

Place of Birth: Boston USA Height: 5’11 to 6’ 0’

Weight: Unknown

Build: Slender

Hair; Blond (short)

Eyes: Blue

Complexion: Light

Nationality: American

Sex: Male

Scars: Visible on lower left lip

Occupation: Commander-in-Chief Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation

Place of abode: Uknown

Weaknesses: Appears to have a reliance on cigarettes and cigars. Is invulnerable to the charms of women or alcohol. Has no close family.

Summary: Ed ( Full name unknown) Straker is the Commander in Chief of SHADO, a terrorist organisation whose sole aim is the total eradication of our civilisation.

Most Wanted Straker large

He is assisted in his activities by Alec FREEMAN (2) and PAUL FOSTER (3)


2. ALEC FREEMAN Wanted for conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity.

Date of Birth: Unknown. Most Wanted Freeman

Place of Birth: England

Height: 5’10 to 5’11″

Weight: Unknown

Build: Stocky

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Complexion: Fair

Nationality: British. Contrary to some reports Colonel Alec Freeman was not born in Australia Sex: Male

Scars: Pock-marked face

Occupation: Second-in-Command

Place of abode: Unknown

Weaknesses: Alcohol, ( over 40% proof spirits,) members of the opposite sex.

Summary: ALEC FREEMAN is Ed Straker’s vice commander. He actively supports Ed Straker in his efforts to annihilate our craft who seek nothing more than to peacefully explore the planet that they so naively call ‘Earth’. In the event of Ed Straker’s demise, Alec Freeman would take control of the subversive organisation.

One theory is that when Straker is removed from his position as C-in-C, Freeman would initially struggle to assume overall command. However there is no clear evidence to support that conjecture.

Alec Freeman should be considered as devious and dangerous as the SHADO leader.



3. PAUL FOSTER Wanted for crimes against decent clothing (Honestly, that fuschia suit!!).

REWARD: none offered  Most Wanted Foster

Date of Birth: Unknown.

Place of Birth: Unknown

Height: 5’11 to 6’ 0’

Weight: Unknown

Build: Muscular

Hair: Brown ( with sideburns!)

Eyes: Blue

Complexion: Light

Nationality: Unknown

Sex: Male (most definitely)

Noticeable physical attributes: Very hairy chest. (VERY hairy)

Occupation: Former test pilot, now trainee SHADO Colonel.

Place of abode: Unknown – although usually his latest girlfriend’s flat

Weaknesses: Is vulnerable to the charms of women or alcohol. Know to have many close associates of the opposite sex.

Summary: PAUL FOSTER is the newest recruit to SHADO and therefore might be more inclined to ‘turning’ than more established members. Recent liaisons have proved that he is susceptible to feminine wiles and this weakness should be utilised to its full advantage.

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  1. Because of my high-pressure work as a medical technician in SHADO HQ,I’ve been suffering from severe migraine. Dr Shroeder cannot help. With your more advanced medical techniques, I wondered if there’s anything you could do for me? Thanks

  2. Alien Commander! I am also a soldier of our Green Alien Forces (GAF) and was several times sent to the so called “Earth”. Perhaps I might catch that Second-In-Command Freeman and lay his head down to your feet? But first I have to ask which REWARD will you pay for him?! (I will no longer accept living cows or a jack-in-the-boxes, which look like Ed Straker (may his name be reviled through the universe)! Alien Lieutenant

  3. Alien Lieutenant, I salute your bravery and willingness to lay down your life for our cause. The head of Alec Freeman would indeed be a prize worthy of my greatness. I hereby charge you to obtain that item and bring it to me. Your reward shall be considerable. I will graciously allow you to join me on my next mission to that planet where we will endeavour to cut off the snake’s head. Once Straker is dead, then SHADO will surely falter. YOU can be a part of that glorious moment. (Of course, the risks are considerable so I hope your affairs are all in order.) Bring me the head of Alec Freeman and share in our victory! Alien Commander

  4. Alien Commander! That’s not fair!!! I’m going to risk my own head only to bring Freeman’s to you and this “Turner” there offers all for just the right price?! Didn’t no one of our GAF (you remember: Green Alien Forces) teached him our 18. paragraph: “no risk – no fun”???

  5. Dawson. Shroeder is a mere human. His skills are infantile compared to our abilities. We can transfer a new brain into your cranium should you wish, or perhaps our new implant would reduce your discomfort. Let me assure you of our good intentions. Contact me and I will arrange a private consultation at your convenience. Alien Transfer Specialist

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