The publishers of the Ed Straker (may his name be reviled through the universe) Herald have, in the past endeavoured to show this vile criminal in a favourable light through a variety of different media. Here, today we, the Homeworld Gazette publishers are proud to show our readers the true face of this heinous villain.

SHADO small

That sneering contemptuous glance is evidence of his total lack of humanity.
The driving force behind SHADO is Ed Straker, that shadowy and subversive character who hides behind the cowardly protection of a false identity. Earthmen have no idea that this seemingly well-educated and successful film executive is really the leader of an international terrorist organisation that has one objective in mind. The total annihilation of our society.

Straker has shown, over the past decade, true contempt for our way of life and he seeks to destroy those brave men who travel to his world. We must wonder at the mentality of a man who cares so little about helping us to survive that he has even sought out our own world in what was a futile effort to photograph our once lush planet.

We, the Government, ask our people to work with us. To keep a watchful eye out for any activities that might be helpful to the enemy. We understand how difficult these times are; nobody wants power shortages or water rationing, but, until we have brought SHADO to its knees, until we have managed to free Earth from the evil grasp of Ed Straker and have finally taken that green and lush world for ourselves, to develop in peace, then we will have to endure the difficult times ahead.

As for you, peoples of Earth. Why don’t you give up now? We can assure you that our forces will succeed, regardless of your puny efforts. We have technology that you can only dream of, and we will not falter in our resolve. Your planet is ideal for colonisation, and we are preparing even now for yet another assault. We will prevail.

You cannot stop us. So, why not surrender right now and make it easy for yourselves.

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