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Convention Going

I’ve never been to a convention before. Ever. And at one stage I wasn’t going to go to the TV21 one either. But I was persuaded to change my mind, and found myself on the Friday morning waiting at the railway station for the Glasgow to Bristol train, loaded with suitcases and some trepidation. At least it was a day off work! I arrived at Bristol on time, and found…


The Women of Ed Straker

By: Ian Fryer (writer) A Fanderson Convention seems a strange affair without the presence of the late, great Ed Bishop. Although the man himself isn’t available, we can still dedicate part of our convention book to him with a look at an aspect of the endlessly fascinating character he created along with the producers and writers of UFO. Ian Fryer examines Ed Straker’s complex and revealing relationships with women. Over…


Ask Dr Jackson: Purple Wigs

Dear Dr Jackson, I recently  started my first rotation on Moonbase, but I am unhappy about the purple wig that I have to wear. I do understand that there may be a valid  reason for wearing such an item, however, I have realised that there are several different styles and I wonder why I have been given one that is noticeable longer  than some other wigs. Dear Moonbase Operative, This…


Happy Christmas to All My Friends…..

Happy Christmas to all my friends and colleagues in SHADO. It  has been a  particularly  busy twelve months  for me  and regrettably  I was not been able to keep you all  appraised of my achievements  over the last year. However, it is  very satisfying to be able to relate now some of  the many   successful incidents that took place since my last Christmas message to you all. January 2010 was…


Ed Straker Drawing

This is probably one of my favourite images of Ed Straker, and one I have done in a variety of ways, from simple pencil sketches to pastels. I like the profile, although I find it hard to get  the eyes right.  This drawing was a trial one  in A4 size (30 cm x 20 cm) as I wanted to see how it would work out before attempting it in acrylics…


Calan Gaeaf

  “Trajectory termination?” “South Pacific, Commander, grid reference O-Blue-12-08, sir!” Keith Ford turned to his commanding officer, eyeing him warily. Ever since that girl had died under such atrocious circumstances the commander had not been his usual acerbic, but at least calm and fair self. Instead he had been irascible on top of caustic, and he had taken it out more than once on his staff. While Ford could well…


On Marriage, the Military Mind and Straker

I get sick of romance stories, and the what seems to me fairly desperate attempts to marry Straker off again and again does pall. I used to read some of those stories – now I don’t. The more he is tied up in romance, the less like the real Straker he seems IMO… …Glad I’m not alone in the please-don’t marry-Straker-off-again club. After I read a few of them I…

Bristol Convention

First Assignment

SHADO control was quieter than normal, due to the fact that alien activity had noticeably decreased during the past couple of weeks, but  an air of unease permeated the vast  complex. Lieutenant Commander Leo nodded a slightly distracted welcome to Miss Ealand and then entered Straker’s office. She had absolutely no intention of sitting down in the Commander’s chair. Oh no. The mere thought made her scared, particularly on a…